7 Steps to Holistic Health Plan

Improving Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Only 30 Minutes of Your Day To Feel Amazing!
Why Not?    Anyone Can Do It!


The 7 Steps - Abbreviated


Step 1 - An Attitude of Gratitude & Oil Pulling or Chlorella Shot Heavy Metal Detox (upon Awakening)


Step 2 - 24 oz of The Alkalinizer Water with HydroProx 35 & DMSO (1st in the AM)


Step 3 - 5 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise & Ocean Breath Breathing


Step 4 - 12 oz of The Alkalinizer & Vital Life Nutrients (Breakfast)


Step 5 - Enjoy a Day of Sun, Fun & Eat Sensible "Good" Food (Mid-Day Lunch Time)


Step 6 - 8 oz of The Alkalinizer & The Amazing Tonic-Klenz Daily Tonic (2 to 4 PM)


Step 7 - 8 oz of The Alkalinizer & Thanks Giving (at Bed Time)



The 7 Step Plan Details are Below

(plan directions are different from the individual product directions.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Excellent Health requires sufficient HYDRATION, or your body cannot conduct proper functions and cleansing. The Alkalinizer offers potent alkaline electrolytes and trace minerals to assist in all crucial and necessary body functions. Drink 8 to 12 glasses or more, of purified water with The Alkalinizer throughout each day, depending on your body weight.


Step 1Upon Awakening, Begin Your Day with A Clean Heart & Heavy Metal Detox.
Have an Attitude of Gratitude! Thank your Creator, sing and shout HalleluYah! …for allowing you to wake up and grant you another opportunity to better your health, your life and the world around you.

As often as you are able, cleanse your tongue, mouth and glands with the Ayurvedic method of Oil Pulling OR with a Chlorella Shot for Heavy Metal Detoxification. (For Details…Follow This Link)


Step 2 - Morning Hydro-Flush - Detox, Cleansing & Elimination
Into 24 ounces of The Alkalinizer water, place 5 drops of HydroProx 35-8% and 5 drops DMSO. Drink all within 10 minutes; drink in 4 portions (about 6oz), each portion about 2 minutes apart. You can squeeze fresh Lemon or Lime juice for extra cleansing and flavor.

NOTE: It’s best not to eat or drink ANYTHING else for 30-45 minutes thereafter.

The Alkalinizer water helps to neutralize the acidic toxins and to hydrate and flush out the congested mucus and fecal matter of the yesterday’s past.

HydroProx 35-8% helps revitalize your body, supplying extra Oxygen to your blood, waking up your brain and energizing your morning. It helps to destroy the harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites within, then it helps to stimulate your immunity and the elimination of decay and toxins.

DMSO is one of the world’s most powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, naturally produced by your body. Inflammation is always associated with disease and pain. A little extra support against free radicals and inflammation is a positive step to better health.


Step 3 - Aerobic Exercise & Ocean Breath Breathing
Rebounding - One of the most effective methods of energizing your metabolism and your overall wellbeing, is to jumpstart your body for the day. Working up to 5 minutes of aerobic exercise on a Rebounder (the small round trampoline), will give you all the exercise you need. Your goal, is to get your heart rate up to at least 120 beats per minute. Other programs and forms of exercise are fine, but they are mainly for your looks. Our studies show that rebounding gives you the "biggest bang for the buck". While exercising your muscles and benefiting your cardio and respiratory systems, rebounding also stimulates your lymphatic system to detoxify.

You can also consider our Electro-Plate Vibrating machine, which does the work for you, especially for those who can not jump or require greater support while exercising. All you have to do is stand and hold on.

This boost in your metabolic rate, helps you keep your weight in check, by burning calories and fat all day long. (For Details…Follow This Link).

Ocean Breath breathing helps to eliminate toxic gasses from your lungs and to oxygenate, energize and detoxify your blood and respiratory system. Do it by itself and/or during your exercise.  You may also want to consider acquiring an Ozone machine for Super Oxygen Breathing & Water.  (For Details…Follow This Link)


Step 4 - Vital Life NutrientsThe Ultimate Meal Replacement
When you have had a chance to "catch your breath" from your exercise and 30-45 minutes has past, since taking your morning Hydro-Flush, it's time for Breakfast, your suggested serving of "VLN" - Vital Life Nutrients. Add 12 ounces of The Alkalinizer water to your Shaker Cup, then add 1/2 level Cup of VLN, cap tightly, then swirl the mixture around, wetting it well, to prevent it from sticking to the top of the cap, then shake vigorously. Drink quickly, so it doesn’t become too thick from the swelling hydrated fibers.

After drinking your VLN, follow with an additional glass of The Alkalinizer water or juice. This is necessary to fully hydrate all of the fibers, keep you feeling full and to help your body process all of those hundreds of nutrients. Without sufficient water, those vital processes cannot take place.

Suggestions: You may add more or less water, depending on the consistency of the mixture that you prefer. If it is too thick, simply add more water to dilute, then drink down all of those vital nutrients. If you prefer, you can add a splash of Fruit Juice for flavoring to your taste.

If you are still hungry, you can eat a little breakfast but, eat something fresh and healthy.

Important: Avoid eating any dairy products either 1 hour before or after taking your VLN, dairy is an anti-nutrient and will nullify many of the benefits of the nutrients!

The Vital Life Nutrients contains over 250 nutritionally dense nutrients. It is the MOST complete and powerful Whole Food Meal Replacement formula anywhere! One can live on VLN and water alone and remain very healthy. There is not a more complete food available, that can meet all of your body’s demands. VLN is the answer to all of your nutritional requirements, that will keep you body happy, energetic, healthy and improve your beauty and longevity.


Step 5 - Enjoy a Day of Sun, Fun & Eat Sensible "Good" Food – Be Sure to Keep Hydrated
Now you're ready for whatever life has in store for you today. Try to get as much of your body skin exposed to the sun for at least 10 to 30 minutes. The Sun’s rays offer numerous health and detoxing benefits.
Keep in good humor - laugh as often as possible - its good medicine!
Eat sensibly, especially if you are dieting. Avoid unhealthy snacking. Try to follow the guidelines, that are listed in our articles, to assist you in better eating habits. Simply put, make sure you eat three times more fruits and vegetables as you do anything else on your plate!

Remember, processed foods, meats, dairy, breads and other such carbs, all cause excess acidity, mucus, colon congestion and weight gain, which can all lead to various disease conditions.

(Read our articles on What to Eat? AND Which Foods Cause or Prevent Disease?)


Step 6 - The Amazing Tonic-Klenz & The Alkalinizer
In a Shaker Cup, add 6 to 8 ounces of The Alkalinizer water, then add 2 tablespoons of the Tonic-Klenz. Swirl powder into the water before shaking vigorously, then drink.For a smoother texture, let sit for a couple of minutes, shake again and drink. If you prefer, for a change of flavor, you can add some unsweetened 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice.

Q. Why daily? Isn’t that too much cleansing?A. Don’t you eliminate every day? Don’t you ingest and breath in toxins from the environment and from processed foods, pesticides, household chemicals and the common toxins your body produces from what you ingest? Just as all of these various toxins come in, to invade your body, which are the primary cause of disease, you need to keep flushing out the toxins and wastes that invade your body consistently and continuously, on a daily basis! If you don’t continuously flush them out, they will build up and cause all kinds of health issues.

Tonic-Klenz is a complete daily body cleanser, balancer, energizer and rejuvenator.

Your body naturally detoxes between the hours of 2 to 4, in both the early morning and the late afternoon. This “toxic dump” causes sluggishness and stress on the body. Most people who die in their sleep, do so because their heart and liver cannot handle the shock of the high level of toxins dumped, while at rest. This is why it is best to take the Tonic-Klenz during these hours of late afternoon or at bedtime. The Tonic-Klenz helps to neutralize these highly acidic toxins, absorb them and hold on to them until eliminated.

Variations - Depending on the condition of your health, the Tonic-Klenz can be taken from 1 to 3 times a day, and/or may be split up into smaller, more frequent servings.

Note: Do NOT drink Tonic-Klenz 1 hour before or after taking your VLN or eating a meal. Should you become constipated, stop taking the Tonic-Klenz, drink more water until you have fully hydrated the feces and thoroughly eliminated, before resuming again. This is why it is especially important to drink plenty of water, since the Tonic-Klenz absorbs water and waste to help in its elimination.

Step 7 - A Clear Constitution, Conscience & Heart
Before going to sleep, drink a glass of The Alkalinizer water, to continue the necessary hydration and flushing, which moves toxins through your system, while you sleep. It also helps to neutralize excess acidity, which protects against the harsh “toxic dump” while sleeping.

For a deeper and sounder nights’ sleep, consider The Dream Maker. Excellent for daytime stress or a restful nights’ sleep. Deep REM dreams and no morning groggy feelings.
Remember - anger, bitterness, worry and stress are toxic to the whole body and soul, and will defeat your efforts in living long and healthy. Thank God; He brought you through another day and for the blessings of good health and long life. And, don't forget to forgive everyone, including yourself, then - be at peace.


If you follow the above 7 Steps, the rest generally takes care of itself. Don't worry any more about your health or what else you have to do. Now, go and enjoy your life and bless Him for leading you to a simple answer to excellent health and a peaceful life!