How Much Protein Do We Really Need?

The human body is primarily comprised of muscles, tissues, blood and bone, which are predominantly proteins. Over 95% of human blood consists of red blood cells and plasma. Red blood protein, called hemoglobin, is basically sugar-stuffs, like glucose (similar to grape sugar), and iron oxide, which gives blood its rusty red color. Interestingly, the only difference between blood hemoglobin and concord grape juice, is only one molecule. Blood plasma contains mineral salts and antibodies.

You have been taught that, because the body is predominently protein, it is necessary for you to consume sufficient quantities of protein rich foods in order to maintain your health and to build strong muscles, tissues, blood and bones. So, you eat all of the "right" foods, like milk, eggs, cheese, meat, beans, nuts, and cereals, in order to get the necessary protein, to replenish the body and to stay healthy, right? --- Wrong! Nature teaches us just the opposite!

As a perfect example to expose this absurdity, let's consider the cow. Do you feed a cow protein, milk, meat or fats in order to produce the finest milk, butter, cheese and beef products? NO! Yet, a cow builds strong, lean muscles, tissues, rich blood, bones, hair, milk, energy and body heat ... and this can be done exclusively from grass ! All of the cow's nourishment is provided from one primary source of food, grass, and it lives quite well and healthy.

A fundamental fact and truth of why an adult does not require the protein rich foods, claimed by dieticians, is to be found in the composition of mothers' milk. It only contains 2 1/2 to 3% protein, yet with this small amount of protein nature builds up the foundation of a new body. Everyone knows that this is the most critical stage of life, growth and development for humans, as well as for all animals. So, where is the protein that we "so desperately need" in our food for our formative development?

Also, your blood is the essence of life, its what nourishes you and builds your body and you can't live without it. Interestingly, its like the sugary, vitamin and mineral rich juice of grapes and other fruits and vegetables.

In summary, you don't eat protein to provide protein to build muscle, tissues, bones and blood. Protein rich foods don't digest efficiently and actually form excess mucous. Fruits and green leaf plants provide all of the primary components of the blood. The body produces all of the necessary usable proteins to build and maintain life from these blood nutrients. Humankind was designed to be a fruit and green leaf vegetarian eater (we're like apes, not lions). These foods provide ALL of the necessary nutrients for your body to perform its life functions in the most efficient and healthy manner. All other foods produce congestive and toxic wastes, decay and disease within the body. Your body can only handle these high levels of wastes for so long, and if one continues consuming the wrong foods, the consequences will eventually catch up with you !

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