Pine Gum Spirits - Pure Organic Essential Oil of Pine (NOT Rectified Paint Grade)

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100% Pure Organic Gum Spirits Essential Oil of Turpentine (Pine Tree). Our product is not to be confused with other turpentines which are "Rectified" from wood pulp and are by-products of the paper industry, which contain sulfates and other harmful impurities. Rectified Pine oils are meant for industrial applications only.

Our Pine Gum Spirits is the raw natural base ingredient, extracted directly from the living pine tree and is purified by distillation with the use of purified water only, NO Chemicals! 100% Pure Gum Spirits is a natural Essential Oil Spirit of the American Slash Pine Tree and is safe for numerous uses.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Pure Gum Spirits Essential Oil of Turpentine

Historically, Pure Gum Spirits of Pine has been used for thousands of years, offering many benefits. Consider the tremendous benefits of Essential Oil of Turpentine, a naturally extracted cleansing agent. There are many benefits that come from these incredible gifts of nature. The Pine Tree is so safe, it has been said that all parts of the pine tree can be consumed with safety, in moderate and safe quantities.

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