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Dr. Mitchell Albert, Founder - Renew Health

As the Founder and President of Renew Health Inc, Dr. Mitchell Albert, obtained his PhD from the State University of New York. During the first year of his PhD studies in Chemistry at the University of Stony Brook, Dr. Albert started to experience the symptoms and finally suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This debilitating condition affected every facet of his life. Dr. Albert spent many years searching for a product that would help relieve his symptoms with little success. With no remedy or treatment he turned to his personal passion in the chemistry and science fields. Despite his symptoms, he spent years researching energy supplements along with treatments from both traditional Chinese ingredients as well as Western medicine. After intense research, he developed a formulation that finally gave him the results he was looking for. He refound his energy and got back to work and most importantly enjoying his life and recreational activities again. 

People began to notice, and a friend asked what he was doing to so dramatically improve his health and his energy levels. He gave them a sample of his formulation and was immediately urged to produce and sell this break-though formulation. Renew Health Inc was born directly after. He immediately got to work on this energy formulation and found great success with the introduction of this. This also lead to the development of a skincare and supplement line that had dramatic effects on the aging process for the skin.

During this process, Mitchell unfortunately experienced a personal tragedy with his father and the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. Watching yet another debilitating condition take its toll so close to his life, he began more intense research, searching through ingredients from both east and west to start working on his brain booster. His research took him through an education in Nootropics and in memory enhancement, brain boosting supplements and ingredients that could improve overall brain health and cognition. After years of trial and error, a successful formulation was produced.

Using his extensive education and experience, Dr. Albert continues to use his academic labs, and knowledge to further develop products and supplements that he passionately believes will be of great benefit to all individuals that are in need of a boost.

Renew Health Skin Care

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