Skinny Cal-0-Mixers Zero Calorie & Carbs All Natural Cocktail Mix Powder - 40 Servings/ea, Variety Pack

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Create your own variety 6-pack of Skinny Cal-0-Mixers! Choose any six Skinny Cal-0-Mixers from the options below to enjoy your preferred sugar-free pleasures right at home! The Skinny Cal-0-Berry (Daiquiri), Skinny Cal-0-Rita (Margarita), Skinny Cal-0-Colada (Pina Colada), Skinny Cal-0-Cane (Hurricane), and Skinny Cal-0-Slide (Mudslide) are the best tasting all natural, sugar-free, zero calorie cocktail mixers on the market! Why drink unhealthy 450 to 800 calorie, sugary cocktails, when you can drink healthy cocktails of only 40 to 60 calories? Powder mixes do NOT require preservatives and because they weigh less than liquids, it is cheaper to ship. Not only do you save money on deorgany but you can enjoy a healthy cocktail mix with NO artificial anything and without the funky aftertaste of other sugar substitutes! If you're going to drink alcohol, drink the healthiest possible drink. That is why we add 1 gram of Pre-Biotic Fiber and 100% Vitamin C per drink. This helps reduce the effects of hangover, minimizes dehydration, relieves stomach upset, and is easier on the digestive tract. The fiber also helps slow alcohol absorption, making it more easily tolerated by those with blood sugar imbalances.

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