Skinny Cal-0-Mixers Zero Calorie & Carbs All Natural Cocktail Mix Powder - 8 Servings/ea, Variety Pack

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6-pack Variety of Skinny Cal-0-Mixers! Enjoy your preferred sugar-free pleasures right at home! The Skinny Cal-0-Berry (Daiquiri), Skinny Cal-0-Rita (Margarita), Skinny Cal-0-Colada (Pina Colada), Skinny Cal-0-Cane (Hurricane), Skinny Ca-0-Sicle (Creamsicle), and Skinny Cal-0-Slide (Mudslide). The Skinny Cal-0-Mixers are the best tasting all natural, sugar free, zero calorie mixes anywhere! NO Artificial sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals. NO harmful or unpleasant side effects. If you're going to drink alcoholic beverages - choose the healthiest. We add 1 gram of Pre-Biotic Fiber and 100% RDI of Vitamin C per drink for a hydrating, feel good and refreshing drink. Our Skinny Cal-0-Mixers are GMO-Free and are only made with Safe and Healthy Ingredients.  The Skinny Cal-0-Mixers have been featured on Fox 26 News, The Hot Mixology Show, The Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show, and in publications across America.

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