Digester Complex - Improve Digestion with Natural Digestive Enzymes, Veggie Capsules

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The Digester Complex is a proprietary blend of the major digestive enzymes provided in a capsule form. This digestive enzyme complex is derived from microbial sources, which facilitates the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, playing an integral role in digestion. The Digester Complex may be helpful during weight management programs and to ease constipation, bloating, heartburn, and gas symptoms. A multi-enzyme complex consisting mainly of amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzymes) and lipase (fat hydrolyzing enzymes), it also contains cellulase (that hydrolyzes cellulose) and lactase (that hydrolyzes lactose). This specialized formula also contains Betaine HCL for under-active stomachs, acid-stable Probiotics for improved intestinal flora, and Bromelain & Papain for additional digestive support. We carry the purest digestive enzymes that are available in supplement form. Sizes are available for individual use and offered in volume at wholesale pricing. See our nutrition facts tab or additional product image for digestive enzyme formula information.

All ingredients are FDA approved and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rated.

Re-Seal after use. Store in a Cool / Dry place.

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Betaine HCL, Magnesium, Digestive Enzyme Complex, Ionic Trace Minerals, LactoSpore Probiotics, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Cayenne Fruit, Piperine Black Pepper Fruit, Vcaps Vegetarian Capsules
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