How to Purify Drinking Water

How To Purify Drinking Water


Caution: Only use glass or stainless steel containers and stirrers when making these solutions. Store solutions in separate dark colored glass bottles.

First make a 22.4% solution of Aqueous Sodium Chlorite (28 gm sodium chlorite (80%) with 72 gms of distilled water) Stir until completely dissolved and store away for light and heat.*

Now, make a 50% Citric Acid Solution, this is the Activator. (50 gm Citric Acid with 50 gms of distilled water) Stir until completely dissolved and store away for light and heat.

How to mix these 2 solutions to purify drinking water:

1. In a small glass, add 2 drop of the 22.4% Aqueous Sodium Chlorite solution.
2. Then add 2 drops of the 50% Citric Acid Solution.
3. Swish and wait 3 minutes, to activate the mixed solutions.
4. Add the activated solution to a gallon of water.
5. Wait 10 minutes for the activated solution to purify the water.
6. Water is ready and safe to drink and/or store.

Multiply the above for each gallon of water you want to purify.

NOTE: This is also the formula for making MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

*The 28% MMS Formula you see mentioned on some sites and literature is in fact a 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution, if it's made properly. This is due to the fact that 28% of the total solution is Sodium Chlorite Powder by weight. The original Formula was created using 80% sodium chlorite powder. When 80% Sodium Chlorite powder is used to make the MMS, the resulting amount of actual sodium chlorite in the solution is 22.4%. The water weight is 72%, and the remaining 5.6% is mostly common salt, (used as a stabilizer), and small amounts of other stabilizers and inert ingredients. Therefore when one makes MMS, the actual goal is 22.4% Sodium Chlorite by weight in solution.

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