HydroProx 35 - Pure Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Diluted to 8% for Un-Restricted Shipping)

MSRP: $18.74
(You save $3.75 )

H2O2 MUST be diluted from 35%. Pre-Diluting saves you possible bottle bursting, child endangerment, chemical burns, and affords a manageable strength. We provide a Certified MSDS Sheet, a required document, proving that we ONLY use 35% FOOD GRADE H2O2 and a purified Distilled Water diluted to a safe and manageable 8% Solution.

Food Grade H2O2 is ONLY produced in a 35% Solution to protect against misuse and/or misapplication. No other grade is produced in 35% and the original manufacturer is NOT allowed to dilute to ANY other concentration. Only an approved re-packer is allowed to properly dilute the product to a concentration lower than 35%.

It doesn't matter what the concentration is, as long as you can be certain that it began with a Certified 35% Food Grade product and it was properly diluted by a reputable company with proper safety measures.

We follow the Law, save you money and are concerned for your safety!

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10.00 Ounces
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade, Distilled Water
Country of Origin:
United States of America

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