pH Tester Strips (100 Count) - Body Acid / Alkaline Test - Range pH 5.0 - 10.0 - EMD ColorpHast, 1 pack

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Contains 1 Pack of 100 pH Tester Strips for Testing Body Acid / Alkaline Levels and Other Uses. Since there are so many different uses for pH tester strips when it comes to monitoring your body function and performance, Biogenic Foods offers larger quantities of strips per box to ensure you never run out unexpectedly, especially mid-cycle. The pH Tester Strips 100 Ct package ensures that monitoring the pH levels throughout your body can be done consistently and effectively without worrying about supply. The pH Tester Strips (100 Count) has a body acid/alkaline test range pH 5.0 - 10.0, providing an accurate reading of your current levels. Taking advantage of the Biogenic Foods pH Tester Strips 100 Ct package can ensure that you can perform several tests on a daily basis for a minimum of two months before needing to replenish your stock. This allows you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on perfecting your daily regimen and urinary Tract Concerns. Testing the pH levels in your body both naturally and after the consumption of foods or beverages can give you great insight on your health and body function. Many consumers feel that this insight has helped them tremendously in obtaining their health and fitness goals. The best time to test the urine with the pH tester strips is first thing in the morning and mid-stream for the most accurate results of alkalinity.

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