CanBioDol - Organic Hemp Oil Extract - 100% Pure Concentrated Full-Spectrum Hemp Isolate, 10 ml

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CanBioDol is an organic whole plant hemp extract with a full spectrum of hemp derived oil infused into a proprietary blend of plant fats for natural and fast absorption. CanBioDol is the exact same active ingredient in pure form that has been touted for its amazing health benefits for conditions that are difficult or impossible to alleviate with conventional medicine and outdated or ineffective procedures. Some of its most well-known and powerful benefits include pain relief, stress support, enhancing mood and helping to produce restful sleep. This concentrated hemp isolate is extracted from Non-GMO plants and is alcohol-free, glucose-free, hypoallergenic, and devoid of artificial flavorings or colorings. CanBioDol is the purest form of the hemp plant's active ingredient and only requires 1-2 drops for fast, effective relief for numerous purposes internally and externally. It is produced from Industrial Hemp infused with fractionated fatty acids and filtered to lab grade specifications. The liquid concentrated delivery system maximizes the amount of Hemp Oil Extract giving your body the best possible chance of getting the full effects of the Hemp extract, unlike pills that mostly pass through your system. Our food grade, third-party tested, well-balanced formula is mixed with perfectly safe ingredients provided by Mother Earth. To keep the integrity of our hemp oil extract blend, we never add sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk, alcohol or soy derivatives. This is a patented and registered formula that may not be duplicated or reproduced without express written consent.

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Concentrated Organic Hemp Oil Isolate Extract
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