Herbal Weight Management & 15-Day Total Body Flush Plan with Intestinal Waste Extraction, 1 kit

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The Weight Loss & Total Body cleanse Kit with Natural lower digestive tract Cleanser and Deep Intestinal Waste Extraction also offers healthy inch and weight loss benefits. It also assists in the loss of up to 30 pounds in 30 days! Each Weight Loss & cleanse Kit contains the following: (the 30 Day Plan)HydroProx 35 8% (4 oz.) Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally occurring in its highest concentration level, within that of rain water. The function of h2o2 is it kill harmful bacteria, sanitize, provide oxygen, and is necessary for life to exist. The high levels of h2o2 in rain water do just that for all of life on earth. The FLABerator Powder Blend (90Servings)The perfect way to cleanse and promote proper digestive health! It breaks down the undigested food in the body, which can cause the body to slow down and feel sluggish. Including a dual action comprehensive formula of synergistic herbs, extracts and enzymes enhanced with an Ionic Trace Mineral Complex. Designed to cleaner and help bind and flush away build-up with undigested, decaying matter from the intestinal tract. Fat is converted to energy, appetite and cravings are reduced, and muscle tissue becomes lean and energized. Tonic-Klenz Daily Tonic (32 servings)A 2 part system that enables the body to rid itself of harmful bacteria and parasites, and promotes healthy and proper development and function. We supply you with the powdered nutrients and supplements and you provide the liquid ingredients needed to create this wonderfully balanced cleansing Urinary Tract Concernson.Shaker Cup & Measuring Scoop The Weight Management & Total Body Flush Kit includes the products you need to provide your body with the essential and non-essential nutrients it needs to function at optimal levels. This system covers each individual component of the body from head to toe, including organs, muscles, skin cells, blood cells, circulation, and each of the body systems effectively!
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