Herbal Weight Management & 15-Day Total Body Flush Plan with Intestinal Waste Extraction, 1 kit

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The Weight Management & Total Body Cleanse Kit with Natural lower digestive tract Cleansing and Deep Intestinal Waste Extraction also offers healthy inch and weight management benefits. 

Each Cleansing Kit contains the following:  Offered in a 15 Day or 30 Day Supply

1.     The Alkalinizer® - Makes 15 gallons of Super-Charged Alkaline Water (5 oz)

2.     HydroProx 35® - 8% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide - 15 servings (14 ml)

3.     DMSO - Dimethyl Sulfoxide Concentrate - 15 servings (14 ml)

4.     Tonic-Klenz® - Detox & Rejuvenating Daily Tonic Powder - 15 servings

5.     The Fat Eradicator® - Carb Blocking & Fat Burning capsules - 30 servings (60 capsules)

6.     Tablespoon Scoop & Shaker Cup - 1 Tbsp. Measure Scoop & Mixing Shaker Cup

OPTIONAL PURCHASEpH Tester Strips - For Testing Saliva & Urine Acid / Alkalinity pH Levels

 For BEST Results follow these suggestions as closely as possible.

The Abbreviated Version

Step 1 - Hydro-Flush; 24 oz of The Alkalinizer® Water with added HydroProx 35® & DMSO (1st in the AM)

Step 2 - The Fat Eradicator® capsules - Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before morning exercise

Step 3 - Aerobic Exercise - 5 Minutes of your favorite type

Step 4 – Munchers - Enjoy all the Celery, Cucumbers & Granny Smith Apples as you desire. (throughout the Day)

Step 5 - Tonic-Klenz® Daily Tonic in 12 oz of The Alkalinizer® Water ( between 2 to 4 pm)

Step 6 - The Fat Eradicator® capsules - Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before your evening meal (hopefully, just a salad)

Step 7 - The Alkalinizer® - 8 to 12 oz at Bed Time

  Fully Explained & Detailed Version

IMPORTANT NOTE: Excellent Health requires sufficient HYDRATION, or your body cannot conduct proper functions and cleansing. The Alkalinizer® offers potent alkaline electrolytes and ionic trace minerals to assist in all crucial and necessary body functions. Drink an additional 4 to 6 glasses of The Alkalinizer® water throughout each day, depending on your body weight.

Step 1 - Morning Hydro-Flush - Detox, Cleansing & Elimination

Pre-Mix The Alkalinizer®, by the gallon, according to the instructions on the package or dissolve 1 to 2 Tbsp. of The Alkalinizer® powder per gallon of RO or Distilled water.

Into 24 ounces of The Alkalinizer® water, place 5 to 10 drops of. HydroProx 35®-8% and 5 to 10 drops DMSO. Drink all within 10 minutes; drink in 4 portions (about 6oz), each portion about 2 minutes apart. You can squeeze fresh Lemon or Lime juice for extra cleansing and flavor.

NOTE: It’s best not to eat or drink ANYTHING for 30-45 minutes before or after the drinking the Hydro-Flush mixture.

The Alkalinizer® water helps to neutralize the acidic toxins and to hydrate and flush out the congested mucus and fecal matter of the yesterday’s past.

HydroProx 35®-8% helps revitalize your body, supplying extra Oxygen to your blood, waking up your brain and energizing your morning. It helps to destroy the harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites within, then it helps to excite your immunity and the elimination of decay and toxins.

DMSO is one of the world’s most powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, naturally produced by your body. Inflammation is always associated with disease and pain. A little extra support against free radicals and inflammation is a positive step to better health.

Step 2 - The Fat Eradicator® capsules - Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before morning exercise - The Fat Eradicator® is a natural forskolin herbal weight loss diet formula with LeanGard® that is an all natural and organic fat burning supplement. The Fat Eradicator® is a natural dietary supplement that does NOT contain potentially harmful herbal ephedrine, caffeine or any other central nervous system stimulants.

Step 3 - Aerobic Exercise - Only 5 Minutes! (Optional but very beneficial)

Rebounding - One of the most effective methods of energizing your metabolism and your overall wellbeing, is to jumpstart your body for the day. Working up to 5 minutes of aerobic exercise on a Rebounder (the small round trampoline), will give you all the exercise you need. Your goal is to get your heart rate up to at least 120 beats per minute. Other programs and forms of exercise are fine, but they are mainly for your looks. Our studies show that rebounding gives you the "biggest bang for the buck". While exercising your muscles and benefiting your cardio and respiratory systems, rebounding also stimulates your lymphatic system to detoxify.

This boost your metabolic rate, helps you keep your weight in check, by burning calories and fat all day long. (For Details and to find your own rebounder…Follow This Rebounding Link).

NOTE: If you don't have a rebounder, than do the best aerobic type of exercise that you can. Anything is better than doing nothing!

Step 4 -  Eat Celery, Cucumbers & Granny Smith Apples – Be Sure to Keep Hydrated!.

During this time of cleansing, your body should not concentrate on the digestion of complex meals. You want your body to concentrate all of its energies on Cleansing, NOT digesting verities of complex foods. Don’t waste this time and energy to just let your body stay the same.

During this period, try your best to only eat Celery, Cucumbers and Granny Smith (green) Apples. It is best to eat Organic, but if you can not afford them, know how to wash and clean off the “bad stuff”. Eat as much as you want and as often as needed. This will fight off any hunger, desire to chew and any detoxing reactions and feelings. These foods are excellent "scrub brushes" for your digestive tract.

After your cleanse - Remember, processed foods, meats, dairy, breads and other such carbs, all cause excess acidity, mucus, colon congestion and weight gain, which can all lead to various disease conditions. (Read our articles on What To Eat? AND Foods That Prevent or Promote Disease).

Step 5 - Tonic-Klenz® & The Alkalinizer®  - Best to take between 2 pm and 4 pm in the afternoon.

In a Shaker Cup, add 12 ounces of The Alkalinizer® water, then add 2 tablespoons of the Tonic-Klenz®. Swirl powder into the water before shaking vigorously, then drink. For a smoother texture, let sit for a couple of minutes, shake again and drink. If you prefer, for a change of flavor, you can add some unsweetened 100% fruit and/or vegetable juice. Avoid apple juice since it contains a lot of sugar.

Q. Why daily? Isn’t that too much cleansing? – A. Don’t you eliminate every day? Don’t you ingest and breath in toxins from the environment and from processed foods, pesticides, household chemicals and the common toxins your body produces from what you ingest? Just as all of these various toxins come in, to invade your body, which are the primary cause of disease, you need to keep flushing out the toxins and wastes that invade your body consistently and continuously, on a daily basis! If you don’t continuously flush them out, they will build up and cause all kinds of health issues.

Tonic-Klenz® is a complete daily body cleanser, balancer, energizer and rejuvenator.

Your body naturally detoxes between the hours of 2 to 4, in both the early morning and the late afternoon. This “toxic dump” causes sluggishness and stress on the body. Most people who die in their sleep, do so because their heart and liver cannot handle the shock of the high level of toxins dumped, while at rest. This is why it is best to take the Tonic-Klenz® during these hours of late afternoon or at bedtime. The Tonic-Klenz® helps to neutralize these highly acidic toxins, absorb them and hold on to them until eliminated.

Variations - Depending on the condition of your health, the Tonic-Klenz® can be taken from 1 to 3 times a day, and/or may be split up into smaller, more frequent servings.

Note: Should you become constipated, stop taking the Tonic-Klenz®, drink more water until you have fully hydrated the feces and thoroughly eliminated, before resuming again. This is why it is especially important to drink plenty of water, since the Tonic-Klenz® absorbs water and waste to help in its elimination.

Step 6 - The Fat Eradicator® capsules - Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before your evening meal (hopefully, just a salad)

Step 7 - The Alkalinizer® at Bedtime

Before going to sleep, drink a glass of The Alkalinizer® water, to continue the necessary hydration and flushing, which moves toxins through your system, while you sleep. It also helps to neutralize excess acidity, which protects against the harsh “toxic dump” while sleeping. Also, the calming minerals will help have a restful nights sleep!

CAUTION: Regarding Medicines - If you are required to take any medication or any nutritional or dietary products - Take them in between the 3 to 4 hour breaks of taking the Tonic-Klenz®. That means - 1 1/2 to 2 hours after taking the Tonic-Klenz®, take those items that you would need to take. This will help in preventing any interference with what you are taking, with the detoxification benefits of the Tonic-Klenz®.

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