How Herbs Help Burn Belly Fat?

Posted by Admin on Sep 9th 2020

How do herbs help burn belly fat?

Herbs provide huge benefits when it comes to weight loss. Instead of downing bottle after bottle of artificial supplements, you can switch to organic powder supplements instead.

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The following are some herbs and their role in reducing belly fat:

Ginger. If there's a quintessential herb, it would be ginger. It's widely used in natural medicine, thanks to its antioxidants. These help boost a person's metabolism while reducing fat absorption. In our online organic food store we offer herb powders infused with organic ginger.

Oregano. This aromatic herb contains a compound called carvacrol, which helps boost belly fat loss. Aside from this benefit, oregano makes food more flavorful and aromatic.

Turmeric. Turmeric is a vibrant and flavorful spice that also has a weight loss benefit. A study found that taking turmeric twice a day can help reduce belly fat by at least 5%. If paired with exercise and a healthy diet, this perk will compound and show instant results.

Cinnamon. In our organic food store, we offer organic drink mixes infused with cinnamon. This herb stabilizes blood sugar while reducing hunger. It also neutralizes your appetite so you won't crave any fatty or sugary foods.

Green tea. Green tea is not just a relaxing drink, it also helps to reduce belly fat. It boosts calorie consumption for 24 hours while giving your brain extra energy. When you buy herbal extracts online from us, you will enjoy this herb together with other powder blends.

What 5 foods should you avoid to lose belly fat?

Here at  Biogenic Foods, we promote healthier options when it comes to your diet. This is also the only way to lose belly fat healthily while enjoying other benefits. For our online customers, it's important to avoid the following foods when trying to lose weight:

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Sugary foods. If you're keen to lose your belly fat, you must ditch sources of excessive sugar. This includes ice cream, cake, and all those other sugary snacks. The sugar in these foods will cause your body to store more fat, rather than burn the fat it already has stored.

Chips. Chips are packed with salt that makes you bloated. In the process, your belly fat will look fatter than it really is. If you want snacks, you can switch to nuts instead as this food item is packed with protein that helps you lose weight.

Processed meat. This food is packed with artificial seasoning that hinders your weight loss. For a good source of protein, we recommend oily fishes instead. Remember that processed meat also increases your body's inflammatory responses.

Fruit juice. Fruit juice may seem healthy, but the truth is it's not. Most of these drinks are made with artificial flavorings and colorings. It's best that you switch to fresh and organic juice prepared at home.

Highly processed powders. In our online organic food store, we encourage everyone to choose natural herbs and spices. We offer powder blends made with organic ingredients and without any artificial add-ons.